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Medieval manuscripts contain a wide variety of different texts. We have grouped manuscripts in ten subjects or themes. While most manuscripts hold a single work, others contain different types of texts, and so are included in more than one theme.

  • The Bible: Bibles in one or more volumes, Gospel-books, Psalters, and other biblical texts.
  • Classics and Late Antiquity: Works by classical and late Antique authors, such as Horace, Virgil, Juvenal and Macrobius.
  • Hagiography: Lives of the saints.
  • History: Chronicles, genealogies, and accounts of historical events.
  • Law: Canon and civil law.
  • Liturgy: Any book copied for the worship by a community, any book copied for monastic or secular use.
  • Medieval Literature: Literary works in Latin and Anglo-Norman French.
  • Sciences: Works of the Quadrivium, namely arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music, together with encyclopaedias and practical sciences (medicine, etc.).
  • Theology and Philosophy: Works of Church Fathers, medieval theologians and philosophical texts.
  • Trivium: Works of the Trivium, namely grammar, rhetoric and logic.